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out of this house, out of our minds
jittering Miami whole — legs
legs legs legs legs are summer
scissoring the totem pole

gay drinks, nothing straight
trailblazer burn sashimi
razor rum turning and turning and turning
top down, bottoms up — let’s do me

if you can sing, well I don’t wanna hear it
costly talk and expensive beer
suspend your man and elaborate your lady
so glad, cro-mag, to hear

hit the Knob when we’re out of beer (oh wait)
no one cares that you can sing
remember that girl you used to love?
me either; here comes the living

Saturdays — come on, let's do it!

it’s a virtue to be touching
you know, you’re never gonna get on top
I can see the Chrysler Building
and we’re gonna swallow the whole thing up


from Saturdays / Let's Stay Together, released September 18, 2010




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