Saturdays / Let's Stay Together

by Mohawk Talk

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A lot’s happened since the last time we made a recording, but here I am, once again, listening to Eli rip at the drums. Fills me with strength all over again; skinny bastard’s still, like, seventeen. Perpetually stuck on what I’m going to ‘do’ with myself, but my dad said the same thing the other day, which was comforting.

Things on my mind related and not related to these singles:

1. Really realizing: people gotta help other people out.
2. Might be in love again (not with Eli)
3. Meditating on the dualities of partying
4. Frustrated with people who knee-jerk hate contemporary art; music and film, specifically, I think repel people because they require a time commitment. We fear that level of immersion, but that’s what makes things powerful.
5. Getting out there. In every way. Don’t be complacent. You are young. Youth means always exploring. You don’t have a ‘career’. You’re not ‘from’ anywhere. There’s no one place in the world you can live. For most of us, there isn’t only one thing we can do. The thing they don’t tell you, of course, is that you’re always young.

Anyway I have to run, as usual. I hope these songs infect you the way they do us. Have a great time (all the time), but don’t forget to sit down and really work at something every now and then. If you can’t think of something to make, think of a new way to help someone else. Get out there, goddamnit!

Alex Tatusian
New York City, 2010


released September 18, 2010

Mohawk Talk: Eli Kaufman/Alex Tatusian/Caitlin Sullivan/Alex Neuss
Engineered/Mixed by Raj Sidhu




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Track Name: Saturdays
out of this house, out of our minds
jittering Miami whole — legs
legs legs legs legs are summer
scissoring the totem pole

gay drinks, nothing straight
trailblazer burn sashimi
razor rum turning and turning and turning
top down, bottoms up — let’s do me

if you can sing, well I don’t wanna hear it
costly talk and expensive beer
suspend your man and elaborate your lady
so glad, cro-mag, to hear

hit the Knob when we’re out of beer (oh wait)
no one cares that you can sing
remember that girl you used to love?
me either; here comes the living

Saturdays — come on, let's do it!

it’s a virtue to be touching
you know, you’re never gonna get on top
I can see the Chrysler Building
and we’re gonna swallow the whole thing up
Track Name: Let's Stay Together
on and on
like distant machines
the women in factories
don’t know what they mean

I don’t know
I don’t know

but let’s stay together

on and on
like distant machines
triglyceride factories
adenosine dreams

I don’t know
I don’t know

but let’s stay together
let’s stay together